Spa therapy with hot stones, massage roller and cellulite massag

A Holistic Treatment

Includes a gentle skin refiner and a therapeutic massage with hot stone therapy. The massage is further enhanced by the aroma therapy oil chosen for your individual needs. Hands and feet are tipped in a warm envelopment of paraffin wax (or aroma sea salt) to nourish condition.

Available with 911 Mani/Pedi, Package I, II and III, Royal Pedicare & Combo


Package I - $99

Spa Mani, 911 Pedi, Basic Facial & 10 Min Massage

Package II - $120

911 Mani, 911 Pedi, European Facial (Special Ampoule) or (Green & White Tea Combo) Massage with Hot Stone

Package III

911 Mani, Royal Pedi & Special Facial Massage With Hot Stone

Face Treatment. Woman in Beauty Salon Gets Marine Mask
Spa setting with natural cinnamon soap,mud,green tea salt

Green & White Tea Combo

Our special combo includes white tea lotion, callus removal, massage with white tea mask, & our famous Hot Stone massage. White tea mask hydrates skin with Shea-Butter & tea essences. Green tea scrub “AHA” skin. Scrub with natural sugar crystals & antioxidant green tea.

Manicure – 10 Min Massage - $70

Pedicure – 10 Min Massage - $70

Royal Pedicure

Star with aqua leaves that soothes & softens the skin as it replenishes nutrients and moisturizes. Followed by mask, callus removal, removal of dead skin cells, massage with aroma sea salt, and lavender oil using paraffin wax to increase blood circulation. Helps with chronic arthritis join pains.

20 Min Massage with Hot Stone $60

Pedicure and manicure spa with beautiful flowers
Closeup shot of a woman in a nail salon receiving a manicure by a beautician with nail file. Woman getting nail manicure. Beautician file nails to a customer. Shallow depth of field with focus on nailfile.

911 Manicure

Using non-abrassve “Gena” sloughing lotion which removes rough and dry skin and dead skin cells. Relieves tiredness.

Finishing with aroma sea salt & lavender oil massage for 10 mins. $30

911 Pedicure

Using non-abrasive “Gena” sloughing lotion which removes rough & dry skin and dead skin cells. Includes heel therapy & callus removal.

Finishes with aroma sea salt, lavender oil and 10 min massage with Hot Stone $40

Footbath With Orchid

911 Pedicure

Nail Enhancements


Fill      New Set

Pink & White Powder                        $35      $50

White Tip & Pink Powder      $22      $35 & up

Regular Tip                             $22      $35 & up

UV Gel                                    $35      $55 & up

Silk Wrap                                $30      $50 & up


Nail Care


Spa Mani + Spa Pedi                          $32

Spa Mani + Spa Pedi  (Aroma Sea Salt) $35

*Classic Mani

(Includes cleansing, filling, exfoliating and moisturizing, followed by an aroma salts and massage with Hot Stone.)

Spa Mani (Includes strawberry scrub)           $15

Spa Pedi (Includes sugar scrub)                     $20

911 Manicure                                                  $30

911 Pedicure                                                   $40

Royal Pedicure                                               $60

Green & White Tea Combo                           $70

Footbath With Orchid